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вторник, 20 декабря 2016 г.

Wendy Swanson - Go Into The World(1996)

Wendy Swanson - Go Into The World
1 A Heart For You  3:17 
2 Everybody Praise  3:20 
3 Good News  2:42 
4 I Look To The Sheperd  2:23 
5 In All These Things  4:41 
6 All They Need Is A Chance  3:26 
7 Road To Zion  4:02 
8 Just Take It To Jesus  2:40 
9 Precious Lord, Take My Hand/Wonderful Peace  3:36 
10 Go Into The World  4:23

Wendy Swanson - Go Into The World от Piligrim на Rutube.

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