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That Jew Died For You - Этот Еврей умер за тебя

пятница, 11 ноября 2016 г.

For participation in the rallies in US antitramp - pay $1500!!!

The findings made by experts protesters behavior. As you know, most of the supporters of Hillary Clinton has positioned itself as the "intelligentsia," but during the protests began rioting, people armed with baseball bats, throwing stones at police, beaten dissent, organize arson, abuse of the national flag and other acts of vandalism. Already, there are victims and detainees, and in Portland and all, raving to disperse the protesters, the police had to use "non-lethal weapons'
For this reason, American journalists and public figures have questioned whether the "intellectuals" to behave this way. Accordingly, the conclusion suggests itself that in fact people go to rallies is not for ideological reasons, but for money. In addition, according to the users of social networks on the local sites of small towns have appeared ads with calls to participate in rallies antitrampovskih paying up to $ 1500 per week. And one of the followers and all photo provided confirmation of how people at the demonstration brought on buses. as Donald Trump himself originally called numerous protests dishonest, but later praised the participants for their "commitment to their country."Source: http://vistanews.ru/politics/90419 ©

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