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суббота, 12 ноября 2016 г.

Hillary Clinton Laundered ISIS Cash - Says Investigating U.S. Army Officer

sex zombie fanatics want her to make the US president

A U.S. Army Counter-Terror Officer gives testimony of his findings, that Hillary Clinton and a highly placed band of cohorts, used numerous Swiss 'shell' bank accounts, to transfer huge amounts of money for ISIS terrorists.
Edward Snowden was one of the figures involved with the money laundering bank used by Clinton. Snowden quit the illegal operation, before he sought refuge in Russia.
Julian Assange relayed vital information used by the counter-terror officer. A Washington D.C law firm, seems to be the hub of employment for many of the more prominent figures involved in this terrorist support group. 
The officer's investigative findings were later to be bolstered by Sy Hersh and several eyewitnesses to the Clinton orchestrated weapons smuggling and funding for terrorists.

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